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What is the process atmosphere environment of the vacuum sys

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In the application of vacuum system, the extracted gas not only includes the various gases generated in the application process, but also includes the original atmosphere and air in the system, etc., then, what are the total?

1. Some gases generated in the process of vacuum system
It includes the gases emitted by materials used in the process and the gases introduced as required by the process, as well as the gases evaporated from the liquid/solid in the vacuum system. The calculation of the amount of gases varies greatly between different processes and materials being treated.
2. Atmospheric gas previously existed in the vacuum system
In the vacuum system, there are a certain amount of atmospheric gas components in the straight air container chamber and vacuum pipeline, etc. At the beginning of the extraction, they are the main gas load of the vacuum system and are also the first to be extracted by the system.
3. Leakage gas in the air system
Leakage gas refers to some gases that leak into the vacuum system through the vacuum seal joint and various leakage channels.
For a given vacuum system, the amount of leaking gas is a constant.
Different applications of vacuum systems and different limit pressures also impose strict limits on the amount of leakage gas.
4. Desorption and release of gas on the surface of each material in the vacuum system
Under normal pressure, the material surface in the vacuum system will absorb and dissolve some of the gas.
In the state of negative pressure, they will be released again, the discharge of gas and material properties, treatment technology, material surface state has a great relationship.
5. The atmosphere outside the vacuum system penetrates part of the gas inside the system through the material of the chamber wall
Gases also dissolve and permeate in solids.
As a result, the atmosphere permeates the vacuum system through the material.
This type of permeation is not considered in general metal systems, but some applications in glass vacuum systems or thin-walled metal systems may require consideration of some of the effects of permeation gas.
The above five aspects constitute the total pumping load of the vacuum system.
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