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Introduction of vacuum sintering process

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1.Working principle:
Vacuum sintering is a process of forming (finished and semi-finished) powder and block materials.
The basic process is: the sintered material (powder or block) is placed in the vacuum furnace, the door is closed and the furnace is vacuumized.
The furnace vacuum is pumped to the required working vacuum (generally 3×10-3 Pa), which is immediately inflated to complete the whole sintering process.
2.Characteristics of vacuum sintering
Vacuum sintering process: the powder material is mixed with ingredients and pressed into various desired shapes. The pressed blank is put into the vacuum sintering furnace.
Close the door of the furnace and pump, the vacuum degree reaches the required working vacuum degree (generally 2 ~ 3× 10-3pa) and the heating begins. (due to the different technological processes adopted due to different materials) the heating is added to the sintering temperature according to the process curve, and the air is cooled to the outlet temperature. Open the door of the furnace and take out the workpiece to complete the whole sintering process.
3.Characteristics of vacuum sintering
The sintered product has good compactness, high hardness and stable performance.
The vacuum pumping system is equipped with superior performance, which has a large volume of air and a fast pumping speed, and can solve the problem of large volume of air of raw materials.
Can meet the different process curve requirements, high degree of automation, perfect testing system, can avoid the adverse impact caused by some human factors.
The sintering process is flexible, and the products of different shapes can be sintered according to different contracts.
4.Vacuum sintering plant
Vacuum sintering furnace (internal circulation)
It is suitable for vacuum sintering of rare earth permanent magnetic materials, sintering (welding) of diamond tools and vacuum heat treatment.
The equipment is on the basis of absorbing the advantages of foreign treatment equipment, after many times of improvement and improvement, with a large volume of air, high vacuum, temperature uniform and controllable and no leakage and other characteristics.
The design and production of internal circulation, external circulation, two - chamber protective feeding and multi - chamber (Taiwan) composite feeding and other forms.
Vacuum sintering furnace (external circulation)

Suitable for mass production, the highest temperature can reach 1450 degrees, the ultimate pressure can reach 2 10-3pa, the pressure drop rate can reach 0.5pa/h, the overall temperature uniformity can reach 3 degrees.
5.Vacuum sintering
technology is a relatively advanced manufacturing technology, and more and more applications in various industries in the sintering process.
For example, vacuum sintering technology and equipment will be widely used in manufacturing processes such as semiconductors, ceramics and superhard materials.
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