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Vacuum reflow
Vacuum welding furnace V600
Detailed introduction
V600 vacuum welding furnace is the new vacuum welding equipment newly introduced by our company. It is suitable for mass production of high-power devices. For example, IGBT modules, power control boards, high-power LEDs, etc., which have high requirements for soldering, can effectively reduce the device. The void rate of the welded surface.
technical performance introduction
1) Welding temperature:
The actual welding temperature of V600 vacuum welding furnace is ≤400 °C.
2) Vacuum degree:
The mechanical oil pump (high-speed rotary vane vacuum pump 40L/M) is equipped with a maximum vacuum of 10 Pa or less.
3) Effective welding area:
V600 welding area: 600 * 250mm / layer * 3 layers, layer spacing: 100mm.
     4) Heating method:
Alloy heating platform: It adopts metal alloy heating plate, which is a heating platform for heating and cooling. The temperature uniformity of each layer of heating plate is controlled at ±3%.
5) Heating rate:
Alloy heating platform: maximum heating rate 40K/min.
6) Cooling rate:
      The alloy heating platform can be directly cooled by water, equipped with a chiller to meet the needs of rapid cooling, and the fastest cooling can reach 50K/min (the highest temperature to 150 degrees).
7) Meet the soldering requirements of solder (≤400 °C).
For example: Au80Sn20 soldering piece, SAC305 soldering piece, Sn63Pb37 soldering piece, Sn90Sb10 soldering piece and other pre-formed alloy soldering pieces and various solder pastes of different compositions.
8) Welding void ratio meets:
The V600 vacuum welding furnace adopts a vacuum chamber structure, which can effectively reduce the void rate of the welded surface, and the void ratio can be controlled below ≤3%.
9) Ability to weld without flux
Soldering in the absence of flux, the solder is an alloy solder tab.
10) Temperature control accuracy:
V600 vacuum welding furnace adopts the temperature control technology patented by Tongzhi Technology, and the temperature control accuracy is ±2°C.
11) Each layer of heating plate monitors and feeds back the temperature of 3 points simultaneously
Each layer of the heating plate in the V600 vacuum welding furnace is equipped with a set of temperature control and two sets of temperature measuring sensors, which can feedback the temperature of the surface of the heater or the surface of the fixture. Better control of the temperature of the weld zone to support a good process curve.
12) Cavity atmosphere environment
V600 vacuum welding furnace can be filled with nitrogen inert gas auxiliary welding, can be flushed into formic acid HCOOH reducing atmosphere (optional) to meet different process requirements.
13) The cavity is provided with an observation window for observing the welding process of the internal components of the cavity.
14) V600 vacuum reflow soldering machine configuration software control system:
Various welding process curves can be set freely
The welding temperature curve can be set up to 40 temperature segments to meet the precise temperature control during the heating process.
The welding process can be set according to the requirements, and there are no limit process setting steps to meet the requirements of process setting. The software control system of V600 realizes the functions of setting, modifying, storing and recalling the welding process curve. The process curve during welding is recorded in real time and automatically saved to ensure the traceability of the welding process. The software comes with an analysis function that analyzes the process curve to determine information such as temperature rise, constant temperature, and temperature drop.
Numbering Name Configuration Quantity
1 Vacuum welding furnace host Standard 1 set
2 Temperature Control System Standard 1 group/layer
3 Temperature measurement system Standard 2 group/layer
4 Vacuum system Standard 1 set
5 Mechanical oil pump Standard 1 set
6 Water cooling system (cooling water tank) Standard 1 set
7 Nitrogen atmosphere protection system Standard 1 set
8 Formic acid atmosphere reduction system Optional 1 set
9 Industrial chiller Standard 1 set
10 Alloy heating platform Standard 3set
11 Software control system Standard 1 set
12 Industrial computer Standard 1 set
13 tool Standard 1 set
14 Nitrogen Standard  
15 solder Standard  
Note 1: The customer purchases the V300 vacuum welding furnace, which can be put into use directly without the need to purchase other accessories.
Note 2: The software involved in the equipment is registered software of Beijing Zhongke Tongzhi Technology Co., Ltd., and the upgrades are provided free of charge to customers in the future, without third-party certification.
Note 3: In actual use, the solder used in the customer's products and the process atmosphere nitrogen can be purchased by the customer according to their own process.
Note 4: When the customer chooses the solder paste process, please clean the flux in the cavity and the flux in the vacuum pump inlet filter.
Note 5: The equipment environment requires compressed air, nitrogen, and cooling water (the chiller uses deionized water).
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Beijing Factory:NO.15 Bulding,lianDong U Valley Industrial Park,Tongzhou District,Beijing,China
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