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high speed visional mounter
High-precision multi-function Pick and place machine
Detailed introduction
 T8H Introduction :
  1.Can mount up to 114 kinds of components at most.
  2. Standard configuration can mount SMD 0201 and above size. 
  3.The max size of QFP :48*48mm.
  4. Can mount BGA ,CSP and QFP with pitch no less than 0.4 mm.
  5.Machine can be configured with first component electronic detection function, to ensure all the places components are correct.
  Function introduction:
  1.With super high precision moving platform technology which is made by integrated design of Natural granite. Make sure T8 can get to use for more than 10 years without any effect on moving precision. Meanwhile, integrated structure ensures a very excellent function in shock resistance.
  2.World-class high-speed moving system ,with original imported high-accuracy ball screw and high-precision rail,ensuring the machine keep high-precision and stability after long time use.
  3. The patented technology of non-stop scanning photos makes high-speed placement come true. Maximum vision mounting speed up to 18000 CPH.
  4.Industry leading vision system :
  Germany industrial digital cameras and high quality lenses is used,make sure the high quality and high accuracy.
  5. automatic visual programming, it is no need to input the coordinates of components by manual, programming is simple, easy to learn for beginners and it is convenient and practical. It can universally import the PCB data, it is most suitable for mass production in middle scale.
  6. Can be equipped with off-line programming software to achieve new product rapid import.
  7. Intelligent board transmission system can automatically adjust the width and plywood.
  8. High performance cost automatic pick and place machine, the most suitable for mass production;
  9. Standard configuration of automatic nozzle replacement system, it can freely change 12 different nozzles.
  10.Standard configuration of automatic inspection function for height of board and picking failure alarm function,It improduction quality .
  11. Standard configuration of component missing alarm function it realizes no keeper nearby machine when mass production.
  Optional part :
  1,8mm,12mm,16mm,24 and 32mm automatic feeder of GF type
  2,nozzle(6 nozzles, you can customize different nozzles)
  3,QS48 component(mount 48*48mm IC)
  4, bulk trays
  5, IC trays
  6, vibration feeder
  7. Short belt feeder
  8.IC feeder cart TF-28
  9. Off-line programming softwar
  Technical Parameter :
Model   T8H
Mounter head 8 heads
Max PCB board 400×350mm
Max move range 600×450mm
Z axis move range 20mm
Typical speed 8000-15000cph
Theoretical Max mount speed 18000 cph
Moving System XY  axis Japan panasonic  servo motor driver + Ground ball screw
X.Y axis precision ±0.0015mm
Repeat mount precision ±0.015mm
Programme method Visual Position
Component available Above 01005 和 below 38mm IC
Programme method Automatic data import/Video learning/Keyboard input/ Off-line programming software
Feeder 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm,32mm、44mm GF feeders (Optional)
Feeder NO. If  place GF feeder, Can be put 72 pcs of 8MM GFTA-08S feeder,     
If  place DF feeder, can mount 144 kinds components.
If  place CF feede ,Can be put 80 pcs of 8MM CF feeder
IC tray NO when put on two ic tray,Max PCB board 340*240mm
If configure TF-28 IC feeder cart ,can finish the mounting of 28 kinds of  IC
Operation system WINDOWS XP/ WIN7
Compressed air 80psi(0.5Mpa),gas flow 80L/M
Power 220v,50Hz,4kw
Weight 860kg
Dimension 1200×1860×1530mm

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Add:18 An der Schlierbach,36132 Eiterfeld,Germany
global marketing
global technical support
Tel: 0049 (0)6672- 918 0088
Fax: 0049 (0)6672- 918 0089
Beijing Factory:NO.15 Bulding,lianDong U Valley Industrial Park,Tongzhou District,Beijing,China
Shenzhen Office
Shenzhen Office:Room 506,JICHENG Dasha,FuYong,Bao'an District,Shenzhen,China
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