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Professional customer service team help you buy satisfied with the product, at the same time to ensure that you enjoy the satisfaction of service.
First, purchase :
   We always welcome your consultation information about the device, to help you fully understand the equipment. And detailed information of the production environment, product, product technology would be needed. According to the information you provide, the sales will start the client needs confirmation process, technology, production department of the audit in the end, will give a conclusion, to recommend to you that meets your requirements, which will be economical and practical device.
Second, the signing of the contract delivery :
  The signing of the contract, need to be audited. Customers and sales personnel to fully communicate, to ensure that the equipment supplied is accurate, delivered on timer, There will be a signing of the contract delivery process. Through this process, procurement, technology, production, logistics clear the respective responsibilities and completion time, served to ensure the implementation of the contract and equipment on schedule.
Third, after-sales service :
 1. Services: technical advice, training delivery, day-to-day maintenance of knowledge and technology guidance services
 2. the service aim: rapid, accurate, patient, thoughtful and thorough
 3. the service objectives: service quality to win customer satisfaction. in order to ensure achievement of the goals from the customer from the contract, and after-sales service for customers to establish a file. Provided every service has a detailed record. The corresponding time of the service, professional services and evaluation of staff performance are the appraisal indicators for staffs ,that will ensure that you enjoy the satisfaction of service.
 4.service efficiency: the warranty period or warranty period, such as equipment failure, supply-side after receiving the notice, the maintenance personnel within 24 hours to reach the scene and started to repair.
 5. the service principles: product warranty period of ten months, during the warranty period the supplier will repair and replacement parts are quality causes damage, the damage to the parts outside the warranty period, accessories only charge the cost equipment damage caused by the demand side of human factors, supply-side repair or accessories are carried at cost price total.
Fourth, note :
1.please read carefully the terms of the contract goods transportation and installation, to ensure the integrity of equipment.
 2.In the device before use, carefully read the instructions in strict accordance with the training of service personnel to operate the equipment, if in doubt, please consult, we will provide you with satisfactory service.


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